Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another International Loliday?

Most Lolitas celebrate International LoliDay twice - once on the first Saturday of June, and again on the first Saturday of December. Today I saw posts from other Taiwanese Lolitas wishing everybody a Happy LoliDay

As it turns out, the Lolitas here celebrate another Internation LoliDay on October 11. Why October 11?

Well, it is because the date, when written only in digits, appears as 1011. In 1337sp33k that reads "loli." How cute!

Has anybody else heard of this LoliDay? I like the origins of this LoliDay. Of course, I will still celebrate the LoliDays that EGL came up with (Saturdays are better times for meetups and having it biannually means one can wear a spring coord as well as a winter coord). How about you?