Friday, October 5, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival~ Three Trends I Never Followed

I've recently joined the Lolita Blog Carnival! Every week there will be a new topic for Lolibloggers to blog about and you can choose to join it or not. This week, the topic is three trends you could never get into.


Food Headdresses
Cake hats, ice cream cones, jelly hats, or what have you. I have never worn food on my head! The occasional fruit headdress I think looks all right, but the desserts headdresses looked a little too "theme" for me! Perhaps some sized-down headdresses would fit into my style better.
If I remember correctly, BABY started with a slice of cake headdress (which I couldn't even find a photo of) back in 2007 or 2008. Then AP made one. Then the food headdresses just got weirder and weirder...
Angelic Pretty ended up topping it off with a full, two-tier cake:
There was a boom in handmade felt cake headdresses for a while, then caulk and silicone cake headdresses. The ice cream and jelly never caught on quite like cake did, though...

images all from Angelic Pretty

Lots of Plastic Jewelry
When plastic/acrylic jewelry first made it into the Lolita scene a few years ago, some people commented on how cheap and infantile/childish they looked. I definitely agreed! While I DO wear plastic jewelry, such as my black ribbon ring, I personally don't care for the KandiKids/decora look of lots of plastic bangles and accessories. Some of them really are very cute, though!
I think I don't like the clear, glittery ones because they tend to look more like dollar-store kids' play jewelry such as these:
images from Angelic Pretty

I prefer the solid ones like these:
image from Angelic Pretty

And I'm on the fence about these ones:
images from Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, and BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT

In recent years, wigs have become a big thing, mostly in Deco Lolita. They are really nice and quick and easy to change up a look, but I personally don't like them very much! Especially the very obviously fake-looking wigs. Full, natural-looking wigs are OK to me and seem less like dress-up/costuming.

Wigs used to be used only in ads and magazines or photoshoots, but now your daily Lolita might be wearing a wig every week!

It started with the vertical split-tone wigs (a crossover trend from Gyaru fashion)
and later became blended like so:

Before the unnatural wigs, half-wigs, curs, and hime wigs were the most popular, like this:
It saves your hair from daily heat stylers and backcombing!

I have thought of getting unnaturally-colored hair extensions so that I don't need to dye my hair but can still do candy-colored hairstyles. Mixing unnatural hair with natural hair would create a more realistic and everyday style.

What trends do you like or dislike? Will you be willing to give one of them a try? I think I'm going to make a tone-down ice cream headdress and give it a try. Partially as a homework assignment for my Jewelry Design class, and partially because it's great to try new things! I'm curious as to what trends other Lolitas follow or don't follow, so please share in the comments below!

Please remember that these are just my opinions ;) I think it's great that other girls can wear full wigs or like plastic accessories or crazy headdresses! We're all different, anyway and it doesn't make anybody better or worse!

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