Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teddy in Taiwan~ Aeropress Adventure

"Open this coffee! It's pumpkin spice coffee from America!"

"Add the coffee to the Aeropress"

"Plus some hot, hot water. Be careful! This is hot!"

"Time to take the plunge! Push gently"

"Wow, it smells so lovely! Here is your coffee!"

This is my teddy bear, Violet. I got her when I was about 3 years old. Everybody calls her Teddy, and she is my best friend!

I bought an Aeropress so I can make my own coffee at home. One of my friends in Minnesota sent me pumpkin spice coffee because pumpkin isn't a flavor here in Taiwan (tragic, I know!). I've been making my own soy lattes in the morning, and took these pictures the first time I used my Aeropress. It is quite easy to use and cleanup is very easy! The coffee grounds are compressed into a disk so you can just pop it out. There are tutorials online and on Youtube of people showing you how to use this, but I wanted to show Teddy using it!

Coffee is fantastically delicious, but buying it every day can be quite expensive. A 360cc cup of soy latte is NT$45 where I get it at Hot Coffee. 360cc of soymilk is NT$15 and makes about 475cc of soy latte when I add my strong coffee to it. This way, I can save about US$1 per cup! Of course, I will need to buy coffee, but it is still cheaper than buying a latte every day!

I wish Starbucks here had Pumpkin Spice Latte, but pumpkin is not a popular flavor at all. So far, my homemade lattes do not have a strong pumpkin flavor, so I may need to buy pumpkin puree to add to it and bring some autumn flavors to my life!

What is your favorite coffee flavor? Do you take it black? Or are the fancy frou-frou coffees from coffee shops such as Caribou Coffee and Starbucks more your thing?

Also, share photos of your favorite childhood toy if you want! I'm curious to see who else is still hanging on to their childhood toys! Teddy has gone camping, traveling, and moved across the planet with me! I want to hear about your adventures, too :) I made the dress she is wearing!