Monday, July 29, 2013

Belle's Library~ Smurfs 2

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go watch Smurfs 2 and take photos with the Smurfs!
Growing up, I actually didn't know what Smurfs were, really. I'd only ever seen them in a video game that I saw once, but I thought they were really cute.
I saw the first movie on TV here, and really think it was quite well done. I love the evil cat and think the realism and cartoon aspects were balanced really well.

The ticket I got was from work because I'd helped to work on a collaboration between the movie and the school I work for, so my mom and I went to see the movie.

Check out the 3D glasses we got!
 photo WP_001225_zps521303de.jpg
I love the little hat on it!

Honestly, I don't think the movie was worth watching in 3D because it didn't really add much to the overall effect. I also got a headache by the end of the movie :( So if you are planning on seeing this movie, I suggest watching the regular 2D version.

Spoiler-free review:

Here's my fancy ticket:
 photo WP_001189_zpsb1d9f085.jpg

An hour before the movie, there was a blue carpet set up and you could take photos with Clumsy, Papa, and Smurfette!

Here is me pretending to be a celebrity:
 photo WP_001219_zpsbbc0f5e2.jpg

The sequel is semi-noncontinuous, so if you haven't seen the first movie, it's not too big of a deal. I really loved the themes of self-discovery and non-conditional love in the movie (for both the humans and the Smurfs), and the comedy was pretty well-balanced.

If you haven't seen the first movie, pretty much all you need to know is that Gargamel is in the human world and is now a celebrity because he can do magic using the leftover essence he got from Papa in the previous movie. It's really funny how he learns to cope with modern society and technology while still holding on to magic and the world of the Smurfs.

I didn't like the "goofy" new character of Haggis (I think that's his name?) very much, but he is a contrast character I suppose. I did like the new girl character, Vexy, though!

There IS a post-credit short between Gargamel and Azrael (the cat), so be sure to stay until the very end!