Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lolita Association: An organization of Lolitas? + Misako Event in Taiwan

In the past there has been joking about an "underground" or "secret" organization of Lolitas with memberships and such. Some of you may already know about the Japanese Lolita Association or have accounts, but the reason I bring it up again is because this association actually seems to be growing!

Here in Taiwan, we have our own Kawaii Ambassador and there are events by the association. While this may sound like a fun thing, I am actually finding it to be a bit pretentious or overly "official" for my tastes (please don't axe me!) I do have a profile though! Here I am!

Don't get me wrong, I DO love the Lolita fashion is growing and kawaii culture is growing, but to organize a fashion into an actual association just seems... unnecessary? That would be like trying to get all the punks of the world to sign up in a British Punk Association, in my opinion!

Enough with the ranting. Association or no association, Japan's Kawaii Ambassador, Misako Aoki, is hosting two tea parties in Taiwan! One in Taichung and one in Taipei (where I am)
 photo 1045161_10151445148571594_84230336_n_zps0b541f2f.jpg

Being a member has got its perks ;)
Being a member and wearing Lolita fashion will make your entrance fee NT$990
If you are not a member OR not wearing Lolita fashion, your entrance fee will be NT$1100
And if you are neither a member nor a Lolita, your entrance fee becomes NT$1200

I am still on the fence about whether I want to go or not. I am a huge fan of Misako and would LOVE to meet her, but in addition to the language barrier, I'm afraid of the event being too formal to really get to meet or chat.

Thus far, the rundown consists of:
Lolita tea party
Misako's first overseas performance of Lolitina
Lolita Q&A
Misako's Best Dressed Picks (two best coords of the day)
Misako's Accessories Sale
~Poster for $200 + autograph
~Book for $600 + autograph
~Brooch for $150
~Ribbon Ring for $200
~Postcard for $100 + autograph
~Travel Cup Bag for $300
~Ribbon Hat for $700
~Misako's Secondhand Dresses (prices vary)

I just.... really want an Usakumya!!! I don't know if that would count as one of her secondhand dresses though!! Probably not, because it's not a dress.

What are your thoughts on having a Lolita Association? Or on every country having a Kawaii Ambassador? It's really not THAT big a deal, just strikes me as redundant. By the way, I think I finally got my commenting system fixed!!