Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stay Safe! Typhoon Season is Here!

Starting from yesterday Taiwan had been on typhoon watch so here's a shout out to any readers in the area to stay safe! The condition had been all right where I am. School and work was halted yesterday afternoon so I came home to my mom's place. So far there gave been no reported casualties but some places have experienced power outages due to falling trees and some people have been relocated due to a history of mudslides in the area. Some road signs gave fallen and at least one road is blocked from rockslides and one from a roof being blown off into the road. A ground floor cafe actually had its front window blown in, covering a patron in shattered glass.

Some places are flooded, but where I am it is simply pouring rain and very windy.

I hope all of you are safe where you are!

I'm posting from my mobile so I apologize for any spelling or formatting issues -_-