Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sparkle Stitches~ Candy Covered Buttons

Sweets for summer! Sorry I haven't been updating much. I thought summer would mean lots of spare time and posts. Evidently, it is not so.

Yesterday I had some spare time and decided to do some hand sewing and use up some of the fabric-covered button bases I have.
 photo CIMG5500_zps1e262097.jpg
It is very simple and doesn't take much time!

*Fabric-covered button bases
*Scrap fabric
*Elastic (hair elastics or elastic thread you can use to make your own)

NOTE: There are a lot of tutorials online for the basic, fabric-covered button already, so I will be abbreviating that portion!
1) Cover button
Cut your fabric to be slightly larger than your button base.
Hand-sew a straight gathering stitch around the perimeter, pull the thread, and place it over the domed button.
Do not put the button back on yet!

2) Make your candy ties
Cut your ribbon to double the length you want one tie. Fold it in half, pleat, and stitch in place.
 photo CIMG5496_zpsae10e60c.jpg
Here I've shown one half stitched on and one not stitched on.
Stitch the ribbon ties to the seam allowance of the gathered candy button base.
 photo CIMG5500_zps1e262097.jpg

3) Put the back on and add elastic
Snap the back of the button on. You can add a spot of glue if you want, but since the elastic will keep the back on, I didn't bother.
 photo CIMG5499_zps25aa70ac.jpg
If you have ready hair elastics, thread it through the button back and loop it through itself.
If you are using elastic, cut a length and knot it off. Loop it through itself through the button, keeping the knot hidden. You can use a single candy on one elastic, or do two on one like the upper picture.

Note! In the double-candy elastic, I used fabric squares for the candy ties, but I think ribbon is cleaner, faster, and easier
Point! Add embellishments! I've used netting overlay on a few candies. You can also add thin ribbon at the ties, add embroidery or cabochans to the candy center, use lace, etc. Let your imagination go wild!
Point! Use these buttons for headbands, badges, decoration, jewelry, magnets, or anything else you can think of

Please share any crafts you do with covered buttons! I bought a pack of 100 so I'm looking for more ideas to use them up!