Monday, October 20, 2014

Floral Music Lolita Meetup

I only just realized my last mobile post failed (please recommend reliable Android mobile app for blogger?) so I'll skip right ahead to the Lolita meetup on Saturday, October 18!
Not a real dog :(
The theme this time was more complex: flower + grass/leaves + music notes (not instruments!)
Bulbasaur covered the grass theme portion (hey, it is grass-type OK!!!)
We met at an absolutely adorably quaint little shop called Victoria Garden and all the details and decor in the cafe were SO cute and elegant!!  The lowest price requirement is a bit much; each person must order a set.  Not a problem if your original intention was to eat a full meal, but I wasn't very hungry.  Luckily, they had a nice salad option that wasn't too heavy.

My boyfriend is also wearing flower + grass theme
Full outfit shot.  I think ANO (bf) used a filter because the light there was very yellow.

Detail shot by Doro (sorry for the blur!)
It was quite a small meetup, but everybody already knew everybody so we ended up having lots of really funny conversations and time flew by so quickly!!  We even forgot to take a group photo, shoes photo, and finger photos.
While meeting new people through common interests is fun, groups of familiar faces seem to bring a more lively atmosphere.  Plus, the owner and waitstaff were all very sweet and let us sort of drag out our exit even though they were closing ^^;
Currently I'm quite overwhelmed with schoolwork and may make a Fashion University post :)  It was lovely to take some time off and just be goofy and frilly with friends!  And thinking of more themed-Lolita challenges.  The next one is "snow fairy/elf" though I may be in India if the date is too late.  Haven't got any idea how to work that theme given that I'd binned my only snowflake Lolita skirt!

<b>What is your favorite Lolita theme?</b> I personally adore Lolitas who are able to work completely non-lolita things into a proper coordinate and keeping the "fashion" aspect rather than "look at my theme."  I proposed a Pokemon-theme and a fruit theme (no repeated fruit, or everybody will show up with only strawberry and cherry!) as well as a predator animals (bears, tigers, eagles, etc.) theme.  I don't even know if I'd be able to make it...