Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei - Human Edition

Last time I posted a post only of my teddy bear,but I finally got the photos of myself!

A random lady asked me about my Biscuit bag!

I received this gift from an artist there because he said I was a movie star (it's the shades, I promise!)
 And then we took photos together by his artwork!

This is KOKOkim's stand (brand by Kimura U, who often appears on Kawaii.i or other tv and Youtube shows about Japan). The prints were adorable and posters were sweet!  I loved the bags and shoes, but the quality of the clothing was actually quite poor so I was very disappointed and didn't purchase anything :(

This girl was promoting custom-printed chocolate and interview me (via interpreter)
Her outfit is BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT and her purse is Swimmer!  Super cute!