Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gothic Lolita Battle Bear

When Lolita fashion shows up in media, it tends to be sort of wacky cute.  Everybody is familiar with Shimotsuma Monogatari the novel/manga/movie, and probably with Deka Wanko, the Lolita detective, Gothic Lolita X (I think is the name?), the guro film about the revenge killer, and the short film about the Lolita wrestler.

Last year there was another Lolita movie made, and I haven't found any with subtitles, but this is the wackiest I have seen yet!

Gothic Lolita Battle Bear is about a Lolita who can fuse with a teddy bear to become a superhero and fights a creepy old man who fuses with a black teddy bear to become the villain.

I did find the film on Youtube and... well... I think everybody needs to see it for themselves!

NOTE there are some slightly more sexual scenes!
For those who haven't got the time to watch it right now, here is just a list of things you can expect to see:
talking teddy bears (similar to Ted from the movie Ted, foul-mouthed and adult)
Sweet Lolita
lesbian love triangle (I believe)
magical girl transformation
Gothic Lolita (who does strip down in later scenes!)
adult baby
Shiro Lolitas (who get topless during the battle and are actually the most effective at destruction)
nipple lasers from said Shiro Lolitas
power of rock guitar
zombie rock concert
erotic/implicit scenes

Basically, it is really confusing.  Any readers who understand Japanese, please enlighten the rest of us as to the plot?  My conclusion is that an alien plant was destroyed and some of the "sparks" ended up in the pink and black bears and they are using humans to help them battle by fusing and lending them power.  The rest of it makes no sense to me :)