Sunday, August 2, 2015

Maiden Diner Maid Event

There are precious few maid cafes in Taipei, so I suppose one cannot be too picky, but I do have a favorite: Maiden Diner in Taipei Main Station Metro Mall (by Y27, close to 北門/Beimen station)

I took my cousin, who is visiting from New York, to Maiden Diner, and learned that there would be an event on August 2, today!

Since they weren't taking reservations and I failed to buy tickets in advance, we tried our luck at the door and bought the last five tickets for the 12-2pm event!  Since my cousin had planned on spending Sunday with my dad, grandma, and my dad's girlfriend and daughter, I dragged them along too ^u^v

I took some photos of the event, and even won the game of Bingo!  (And for those of you wondering, yes, every other table consisted of your stereotypical otaku nerd boys.  We were the only family table there covering three generations)

The event tickets were NT$500 and contained:
1 of 4 dishes
1 of 9 drinks
A Bingo game with the maids
A Polaroid and a button
Maid Yume collecting tickets at the door

I definitely just snuck this photo

Aya clearing our table

I wore light Lolita today:

Taiwan Teddy introducing: waffles and ice cream!

Taiwan Teddy special on the ice cream and macaron!

Taiwan Teddy with the Maiden Diner message book!  I drew my favorite maid (Maid Remy) as a TsumTsum

Everybody received a random gift bag of a maid Polaroid and a button.  I liked the ones I got!  There were a total of three button designs I believe.
Menu, also showing photo prices for 1-4 maids (NT$100-$300) and buttons for NT$60 (3 designs)

And some photos from the first time I took my cousin there:

I drew Maid Aki as a TsumTsum that day

Sneaky snap of Maid Yume (I prefer her natural hair!) and our food!
Maids and Lolita fashion often get confused together and it annoys many Lolitas, but I personally really adore maids if they've got cute uniforms!  I'm all about that kawaii life ^_~

Are there maid cafes or something similar where you live?  Do you like the idea of maid cafes?  Even though maid cafes seem to attract many odd characters, I definitely think having very cute servers and focusing on the presentation of the food (e.g., drawing on the plates) is a great break from the nitty gritty of reality sometimes.  It's like entering a fantasy world for a short period of time!