Monday, May 30, 2016

Fondue Pot for Food or Fun?

Have you ever had fondue?  Cheese or chocolate, it seems like a lot of fun!  Our May meetup took place recently and there happened to be a Gomaji coupon (like a group order) for a hotel chocolate fondue afternoon tea set at WestGate Hotel, so that's where we went!

It was my first time having fondue, so I was excited!  The theme this month was "open front" as in a dress with a placket all the way to the hem.  I've never been a fan of that style, so I didn't have any and had to make one at the last minute!  Still, it was fun and I think I like the simple style I decided on.  It also was my first time making a strapless JSK!
Headband, JSK, wrist stoppers: handmade
Blouse: Little Dipper
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Photo by Amelie

To be honest, the food wasn't very good, but it sure was a lot of fun!  It started out quite normally with us dipping our treats and taking photos because chocolate-covered food is cute!
The full array of food (this is two-person amount)

Then things slowly started to get out of hand... I blame Hako because she started out making a face on a cracker with the chocolate, and then we all ended up making self-portraits on crackers ^^;
I've got freckles!

And then did our self-introductions using said crackers!  It was really goofy but fun!

Everybody had a placket-front dress!  Yay!  Though Neko's was fake ^_~

Hako, Neko,Amelie, XiYan, Doro, me, Laina
 And since there was a large space in the hotel lobby, we got a little silly ^^;
Thousand hands Buddha/Kwanyin!
P.S. XiYan is wearing a graduation gown because she's graduating and so this was her graduation photoshoot as well :Þ

Have you ever had fondue (cheese or chocolate)? Though this time the food wasn't very good, it was fun and I'd love to try the savory cheese-type fondue soon!!  It seems to not be popular though, so I'll have to dig around to find where to get some cheese-type fondue...