Sunday, June 5, 2016

Birthday at the PomPom Purin Cafe

My birthday was at the end of May (lvl up!) and I decided to go to the PomPom Purin cafe in Taipei with Ano, my mom, and my sister!
The night before at midnight, Ano bought me a goofy-looking little cake
I'm a mouse/rabbit/idk?
 And we played this game he got from a gacha!
Down to the last key...
Of course you are probably more interested in the PomPom Purin Cafe~
The entire shop and outside is absolutely adorable!  Purin Dog and his friends all over!
Please, come in

Even the couches were Purin shaped!  Along the wall is a series of booths and each booth is labeled with one of Purin's friends
Wall decor, introduction, and Bagel booth
Our seating area

 I wore my Magic Tea Party jsk I made years ago

Headbow: BTSSB
Blouse: Little Dipper
JSK, wrist stoppers: Handmade by me
Bag: Swimmer Japan
Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Three of the dishes come with this little Purin Dog-shaped cup, and each day they give away 50 of them if you order any of the three dishes!  The two savory dishes contained meat, so I had the "limitless pancakes"
Massive tower of pancakes!

Ano ordered a completely adorable Purin Dog mango parfait, with Purin made of actual pudding!  His little hat is a chocolate cookie ^.^
I'm both cute and yummy!
 Overall, it was quite a fun time!  There aren't a whole ton of different dishes to choose from, but it's a nice place to meet with a small group of friends for a fun afternoon, in my opinion.
Please visit again!

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