Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cyber Lolita at the Lolita Market

Lolita fashion may be pricey for brand name items, but if you can buy secondhand it's a good way to get a bargain.  Being able to see these items in real life makes it easier to see the condition of clothing, so I really enjoy purely Lolita-theme markets.  This one also included handmade items and took place at Flora Salon, which is a salon that allows anybody to experience a Lolita photoshoot.  They provide clothes, makeup, and hairstyles, and then take photos for you.

Leading up the narrow hallway was a line of boyfriends waiting on their Lolita girlfriends to finish their shopping ^-^  The space is quite small.

  I'd never been there before, and it was PACKED!  So I didn't take many photos inside because I didn't want to risk taking photos of anybody that didn't want their photo taken.  There were almost all Sweet Lolitas, some people in regular kawaii fashion, many brolitas, a couple men, and a couple Goths/Gothic Lolitas.  We're definitely a very sweet community.
Basically this times 10.  There were only ten vendors who could fit!

There were no "must have" dresses/prints for me (my wallet is thankful) but I DID score the LARGE Swimmer bag I've been wanting ever since I saw DORO and Laina have it in varying colors!

It cost me NT$1000 (US$30) which is pretty good because the original price tag is JPY2500 (US$23) so it's not much of a markup at all.

I also wore a new style for me: cyber-lolita!  My dread falls have been sitting in the closet for four years or so T^T  And this is the first time I've worn them in public, as I previously have only worn this style to night-school or for photoshoots ^_^;
Before heading out

With my new bag!! Excited!!

I also bought a handmade double-clip for Teddy from my friend's brand, M.S.Rose (on facebook)

Overall it was a really great experience.  Usually these types of markets have a ticket price, but this one was free!  That may be a reason it was so crowded, I suppose.

There are several Lolita pop-up markets in a few cities every year.  I hope to go to more of them in the future!

Do you have Lolita markets where you are?  What are they like?  I'm curious!  And if you don't have these, I hope something can be arranged in the future ^_~  Most of these are organized by Lolitas for Lolitas.

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