Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Closet Child x2, Alice Cafe, and Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

On the second day of our Tokyo trip, we visited two Closet Child shops and I bought a LOAD of stuff, including an overcoat because it was so cold!!
DIY coffee at the Family Mart!
 We also picked up hot drinks from vending machines and had fun taking fake advertisement images for them because they were our saviors haha!
Am I ready to make advertisements yet?
 The main event of the day was the Alice Cafe! I wore my Disney X BTSSB Alice JSK to match. It also happened to be Violet (Taiwan Teddy)'s birthday so we sang her a little song
Trying to look like a snooty queen
 The food choices were limited, but came is such large quantities that neither Neco nor I could finish everything on our plates.
Everything turned out looking white! It was such a big portion as well
 Happy Birthday to the birthday bear!
Happy Birthday to Violet!
 For dessert, I got a cup of ice cream in grape and vanilla flavors. This was my first time having a grape flavor ice that didn't have rum flavoring as well and I liked it!

We went to Don Quijote (sp?) to get slippers for indoors as well as some necessities. I spotted a collab between Econeco and Little Twin Stars and bought the hand cream because I just really adore Econeco's style of art!
Econeco! One of my favorite artists!
 At the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo I didn't buy as much as I did last year; just two Mokuro, a Shiron (snow Vulpix), chopsticks, and this gachapon!
Got Pikachu with his short little arms doing Z power!
 We got a simple dinner in the department store, which was still very yummy.
Simple dinner

I did my eye makeup in a new style to match my dress. I guess you could call this a floating cut crease in red and gold?
Makeup of the day
Medusa's makeup red shadow
Eyescream gold liner
L.A. colors gold glitter
Essence Princess Lash mascara

Purchases of the day:
Went a bit crazy with the shopping
Some of the purchases I made:
Alice Auaa dress

Slit up the side



BTSSB My Favorite Things JSK

How cute is this?

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