Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year in Tokyo

Happy New Year! This is going to be a series of posts about spending the new year season in Tokyo. I went with another lolita this time, and we stayed in Shinjuku close to Shinjuku station, which is close to Harjuku station.  There's a lot of write about, and not many photos as I was experiencing more than recording, but I hope you enjoy what I have to share!

We stayed at a BnB which was very affordable, but is still considered illegal in Japan. The hosts asked us to say we were visiting friends if asked.

 We did end up going to Disney! But that's for another post.

There is a bus that goes directly from the airport to Shinjuku station, so that was very easy. I took the wrong exit though (New South Exit instead of South Exit) and happened to see this beautiful Christmas display:

Unfortunately I've been battling an onset of depression again, and as soon as I got to the bnb I turned the heater on, connected to the Wi-Fi to let people know I'd arrived, and just did whatever it is where you don't do anything and have no motivation to do anything. My original plan had been to visit the Shinjuku Closet Child and buy a coat before Neco arrived at night.
I did manage to feed myself though... with Indian curry!! Haha. The Indians running the place were very kind and though I was too tired to even look at the menu, I just asked for veg curry with naan and it was very delicious!

Later on, Neco and I were supposed to meet up with Midorisan from YMCK (if you like chiptune, you'll LOVE their band!)for dinner at Kawaii Monster Cafe but Neco got lost on the way to the bnb and then we got lost on the way to the cafe so we missed out on our dinner date!  we looked cute though.
I did Neco's hair up in my cyberlox for her
 In the end, we grabbed a late dinner and headed back to the bnb to rest up for the next day

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