Friday, January 19, 2018

Makeup Use-up Goals

I just did an inventory of my makeup collection and set myself some goals to use it up by the end of the year with monthly updates on my progress.  I learned that I had some crazy amounts of certain items, such as 11 pink lipsticks and 6 purple ones (why??), 8 black/brown eyeliners and 8 colored ones (I only have two eyes!), 52 single eye shadows (help), and 7 mascaras. Makeup expires so I hope to get my money's worth by actually using them!

I've organized a spreadsheet with photos to help me keep track. This also means that there will likely be more makeup video posts from me!

Now, a favor to ask...

Though I cannot say I'm the most inspired person when it comes to makeup, I do really love to experiment. If anybody has any challenges or requests for me, let me know for sure! It'll be both fun and effective in using up my collection.

I hope everybody is having a good week (it's raining on and off again here...) and if you'd also like to join in the Makeup Use-up challenge, let me know and we can all encourage each other!  It's such a shame to let makeup go to waste.

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