Monday, July 16, 2018

Review: RoseGal clothing with all free shipping!

I've recently made several purchases from a website called RoseGal, which sells a LOT of Plus Sizes and offers free worldwide shipping on everything!

You can also check-in daily to get R points which can be used towards your purchases or at the Points Store to buy the clothing at an even more affordable price!  So here are some of the things I've purchased (I didn't have photos of everything) and why I signed up to be an affiliate
Bat Dress!

The search function on the site is not always the best for finding subculture clothing.  For finding Gothic clothing, I searched "Halloween" and "lace."  Then you can look at suggestions that are similar to things you like.  There are loads of vintage styles too, and the "fit and flare" dresses work well for Lolita aesthetics.

 Currently there is a sale going on:
So far all the clothing I've purchased have arrived in a timely manner and look just like the sales images.  I've had less luck with electronics so I don't suggest any of the electronics, but there is an entire Plus Size section that goes all the way up to 6XL!  So any chubby-chans out there have no fear!  In fact, sometimes I think there are more plus size clothing than regular size clothing, and they are cute designs too, not shapeless "oversize" pieces.
Purchased for a cyberkei outfit

the Resting Bitch Face is strong with this one
I've got a wig coming in the mail, so I may do a separate review for that.  In the meantime, I hope you have fun browsing the site!

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