Sunday, November 18, 2018

Wa Lolita Meetup

November's meetup theme was Wa Lolita!

Me, Laina, Doro
We went to Steam E;den again (previously) because they had their one-year anniversary special and the food is yummy!
Blouse: Little Dipper
JSK: Meta
Petti: Fantasy Land
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Algonquins X melissa
 I split meals and desserts with Doro!  It came out to NT$390 for each of us, so it was a pretty good deal to get to try two meals and two desserts (half each)
Mintaiko Wasabi Pasta with Fried Fish

Shrimp Cream Cheese Omelette

Pumpkin Mousse Cake (seasonal), Heart Lock, Chocolate Clock Cake
I wanted the book crepe cake but they forgot my order and then it was sold out T^T  So I had to change to a different order...  I got the seasonal pumpkin dessert, but it really wasn't very good.

On Doro: yukata, SK from Little Dipper
On Laina: Jacket from Qutie Frash, KC and JSK from Alice and the Pirates

On our way to an old Japanese-style building (now restored and running several different businesses inside like an ice shop, a hair salon, a nail salon, and a small eatery) we passed by this totally cute Unicone shop!  They put shaped cookies on ice cream!
Also the decoration outside is just so cute
 I forgot to take photos inside the old building, but it was pretty dark and cramped as this is an original building I believe!

We just had some tea and chats!  The best type of meetup!

Then we were headed to the MRT station when I spotted a Sailor Moon pop-up exhibition/shop poster... but that is for another post ^_~

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