Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Some Good News and Some Bad News

Life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs recently!
-Sister got a job, moving to Seattle (yay!)
-Need new housemate because I cannot afford the rent alone (boo!)
-Friend found a friend who needed a place too (yay!)
-Other housemate is moving at the end of the lease, so we need another housemate (boo!)
-Got appointment with work center on Wednesday (yay!)
-New housemate will not move in if another housemate is not found (boo!)

So I may or may not need to move somewhere, which then also affects where I can work @_@;;
Basically putting all my thoughts on hold until Wednesday when I can check with the work center to see what type of jobs I qualify for and whether it will be enough for me to afford rent so we can rent the house with just two of us.

In other news, check this outfit I put together with clothes my sister bought for me from Gen Con!
T-shirt, Leggings: Savage Sparrow (gift from my sister!)
Skirt: WEGO
Bag, Shoes: Swimmer Japan
The leggings have a print of Magikarp and shiny Gyarados on them!  And the T-shirt is ultra cute:

Things aren't going great but at least I look cute with Pokemon gear ^^;  Keep thinking positive!!

Who's your favorite shiny Pokemon?  Mine is probably Ponyta!!  Blue fire is good fire :3  Also I just like Ponyta~

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