Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doll Face~My Queen Feb. 15 on EyeMake

女人我最大is a TV show in Taiwan that I enjoy to watch. I found it on YouTube luckily, so I can watch it here too!

Today's episode was on eyemake. It showcases two girls who look completely different before and after. See for yourself:

While they DO look very cute in the after pictures, they look completely different! Makeup should emphasize your good points and cover your flaws, not completely reshape your eyes and make you nearly unrecognizable

That being said, there were some good tips from the series that I would like to share with you today!

Lolitas cherish the big doll-eye look, which can be achieved with false lashes, skilled application of eyeliner, circle lens, and eyeshadow. Many Asians have monolids unfortunately, which effectively makes for a smaller eye. Therefore eyelid tape is popular. SUN uses eyelid tape in the episode, and explains that she actually applies it upside down for more propping power. Eyelid tape is cut at a bit of a curve. Usually it is applied in a frowny-face manner, meaning it follows the contour of your eye. SUN applied it in a happy-face manner, because the slightly pointing up edges helped to hold her fold in place better. YMMV
Here is a tutorial for cutting your own eyelid tape if you don't want to go out and buy it!
constant use of eyelid tape may result in some problems in the long run!
*sagginess - repeated pulling off of the tape can cause the delicate eye skin to sag earlier in life
*allergy - be careful if you have sensitive skin! The adhesive may make a reaction for you
*discomfort - you are wearing tape on your eyelids. It will feel strange at first, but most people get used to the feeling after a while :)

More tips mentioned in the video:
*Apply eyelid tape after foundation, but before powdering. The powder makes the tape less sticky
*Organize your makeup! TOMOKO has a TON of makeup. She uses one bag for each type of makeup (lip sticks, powder, etc.) and organizes her brushes by type and size. Very tidy is easy to find your things!
*For undereye bags, cover first with an orange based concealer before applying foundation on top. Pink base concealer can be used to cover veins or slight shadows
*SUN shaved off her eyebrows because she didn't want to bother with them. They suggest to first draw on your desired eyebrows, then pluck out the hairs outside your drawn line. Shaving will leave a thick root base, so plucking is preferred
*TOMOKO prefers to use brown eyeliner to make a softer look. Then using black, she makes only the outer corner wingtip. This makes a large eye effect without lines that are too harsh
*Use some eyeshadow to make a base color before applying eyeliner, then layer eyeshadow on top again for better staying power and to soften the lines
*SUN applies her false eyelashes first, then curls her real lashes with false, then applies mascara to put them together. TOMOKO heat curls her lashes first, then applies false lashes. Either way, make sure that your real and false lashes are together, not in two layers
*When removing false eyelashes, soak a cotton ball with eye makeup remover and hold it to your lashes until the glue loosens, then remove the lashes and carefully pull the glue off with tweezers. DO NOT soak your lashes in makeup remover though! SUN soaked a pair in remover to get rid of the glue, and they just fell apart ^^; If you just use enough to get the glue loose and then pull it off, you can reuse the lashes several times
*Layering lashes is fine to make prettier lashes, but keep in mind that eyelashes DO have space between the lashes! Do not layer so many lashes that it becomes one solid piece and looks like a big black block when you open your eyes. Not attractive!
layer colored lashes! The hostess talks about using triple layered lashes with the top and bottom layers being black, and the center layer being blue
*Balance top and bottom lashes! If you have dramatic top lashes, balance our the bottom lashes with some simple, false bottom lashes
*TOMOKO only lines the outer portion of her lower eyeliner. Lining too close to the inner corner can make the eye appear smaller. Start lining where your eyelashes start
*SUN drew her eyebrows too angled, and one of the teachers fixed it for her, making it more rounded. It looks more innocent, childish, and frames her face better. Sharp eyebrows may suit a Gothic Aristocrat, but for most lolitas, a soft, gentle arch would be a better fit!
If you are in a rush, pick one point to focus on. Trying to do an elaborate routine while rushing will result in a sloppy job all over. Better to do a good job on a simple point (maybe eyelashes, or eyebrows, or covering shadows) and keep a simple face than an elaborate mess!
Keep your entire face balanced. Too often, we will focus on what we view as our biggest flaw, and try to cover it up and fix it, and then forget about making a balanced face. Keeping an overall clean look is better than covering up a bad point, but not having a "good point"

Hope you learned something from this EyeMake episode of My Queen! Have fun and experiment with your makeup!

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