Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy New Year and Valentine's Day!

Today is Chinese and Tibetan New Year! I celebrated yesterday by eating from morning until night :3 Since my parents are separated, I ate brunch at Mystic Lake Casino buffet with my dad, and traditional dinner with my mom!

I made some non-traditional cupcakes for dinner :)


Nutella cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and mocha cupcakes in heart-shape!

I am also bringing some to work to share with my coworkers :D

How are you celebrating today, Princesses?

Let me share some ultra hime deco photos with you! I saw this room in Cutie Room Book 2010, and later found her blog and some photos from a display in Japan. This woman likes to do hime deco! It is pretty, but a little too overwhelming!

EVERYTHING is covered in laces and roses!

Some of these things you can make yourself, too! Hopefully I will have time to make tutorials in the future showing some of the simple things to make. For now, go out and enjoy this double (triple?) holiday!

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