Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Extra Holiday!

This year February 14 is a special day. It is Valentine's Day and also Chinese New Year! Unfortunately, I will be working T^T

Yesterday we had a New Year party at the local University! It was hosted by the Taiwanese organization here. The one by Mainland China was the night before I believe. They usually have upwards of a thousand participants because there are so many more Chinese from the Mainland than Taiwan here!

This was my outfit:

I noticed yesterday that I lack red in my closet 囧rz so I wore my newest outfit instead ^^;

There was lion dance, dance performance from both the local groups (which I used to be a part of... I had to quit because the classes moved to a studio too far away!), kung fu, Chinese school skits, and singing. Then there was food and raffle drawing! My mom won a box of random 3M supplies XD

Anyway, New Year is a time for food, family, and more food! Also new beginnings :) Even though only my mom and I are left at this house, we plan on doing the whole traditional New Year meal anyway!

As for Valentine's Day, a day for love, sweets, and cuddling, I will not be doing anything ;)

Mostly I want to wait for Valentine's Day to be over so I can go buy adorable heart-theme things on sale!

measuring spoons

serving bowls
I have such a weak spot for kitchen utensils! It makes baking an extra special time to see such cute things~

How can one incorporate both New Year and Valentine's Day together this year? Here are some ideas for you!

♥Wear Red! Red is a lucky color for Chinese. It is also for love! Bring some luck and love into your life this year~
♥Write Letters to Friends Now is the time to appreciate the friends you have in your life. Handwritten letters on cute stationary is heartfelt and personal. I wrote two surprise letters last week and mailed them out to two people I had addresses for. Even if you do not have the time to write a letter, a meaningful PM or wall post or comment left on friends' social networking site page can mean a lot
♥Treat Yourself to Something Yum! Give yourself a little treat! Or if you have a significant other, treat them too! Whether you would like it to be cake, New Year Gao (年糕), fish (meaning "leftover" in Chinese, meaning you have so much there are leftovers!), or anything else, make it special. Try your hand at baking or cooking something! It can be fun and is usually healthier than eating out. Even if you cannot cook or bake well, there are box mixes to make your life easier ;) And even if that fails, you can order pizza!
♥Pamper Yourself Long hot bubble bath, mani-pedi, facial, whatever tickles your fancy! It is important to be clean on New Year Day, and wouldn't hurt to have a romantic, candlelit bubblebath either

What will you be doing to celebrate?

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