Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tiana's Kitchen~ Valentine's Day Crafting and Cooking!

Having a Valentine's Day Party? Handing out Valentines to friends just like we did in grade school? Here are some cute crafts I found to do on Disney site! They are very easy~

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Card suitors
Use them as place cards by writing guests' names on them, as decoration, invitations, or just plain Valentines!

Belle Inspired Rose Bookmarks
Rosebud bookmarks for your favorite fairytale book. Very easy to make. Maybe you can use them as party favors?

Tinker Bell Inspired Pixie Arrows
Need a sugar rush? These Pixie Arrows are sure to give you a sugar high!

Healthy Fruit Valentines
It doesn't have to be cakes and brownies - watermelon and orange make a great snack too!

Heartfelt Tote
Give your guests a little something to take home - or make one for yourself to use year-round! I would suggest to use fabric and quilted batting to make a stronger one for daily use

From Tiana's Kitchen~

Rose Cupcakes
Not just for Valentine's Day! These cupcakes can grace any lolita tea party's table!

Chocolate Fondue
Can you say Melty Chocolate? Sure to make you the hit of any meetup, this easy to make chocolate fondue recipe is pretty much foolproof

Heart Cake Tutorial from I Am Baker
For a heart inside your cake! A delightful surprise for your guests

Heart Filled Cake
Or if you would like a full heart in each slice rather than a heart in the whole cake, this cake pan set can do the trick! I actually own this cake pan, and can happily say that it works! I have filled it with many different kinds of filling before. My favorite is ice cream filling! The ice cream holds its shape better for a cleaner heart shape. Soften the ice cream while the cake is cooling, and then press it into the hollow cavities. Put the cake together and freeze to solidify the ice cream again. Then take it out and decorate! Freeze until it is time to eat. It will be easier to cut if you let it thaw for maybe 15 minutes before serving time. The center will still be solid ice cream, but the cake will have softened a bit
The biggest failure filling was melted marshmallows. It is a terrible idea. Don't do it. The marshmallows solidify again and trying to cut the cake is like trying to cut through one giant marshmallow ring. It results in a huge, sticky mess. It was fun though :3 But not very tasty, pretty, or good for cleaning up!
Other fillings to try: different cake flavor (as in the above tutorial), mousse (very soft mousse doesn't give as clean of a heart shape when cut), whipped cream, cheesecake, anything you can think of!

Have a lot of fun this Valentine's Day!

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