Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiana's Kitchen~Deco Pocky!

I thought to make more mini-series on my blog :) And since I love Disney Princesses, they are Princess-theme! Lolitas are princesses, each in her own special way :)

Anyway, This is the first post for Tiana's Kitchen Series. Usually will be recipes or other baking/cooking things. Today, I am here to share Deco Pocky with you!

All those decorations are edible! The ribbon looks to be two heart-shaped sprinkles (which will be easy to find in grocers and baking supply shops because Valentine's Day is coming up!)
The little pearls may be sugar pearls such as these
Here is how to decorate:

You need icing/frosting in very tiny tube with thin tip. Or I would assume that it is possible to simply squirt a blob of frosting and dip your decor in it before sticking it on. Tweezers will be a must!

Put many Pocky together!

Equipment needed and more ideas! Write a sweet message on Pocky for a sweet person!

This looks like a good craft for Valentine's Day, or for a Lolita party! I would imagine that it would be very time-consuming though, and I could not bear to eat them after all that work!

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