Monday, May 3, 2010

Lolita 100 Meme #51-60

(51) 駅のトイレでコッソリ着替えたことありますか?(Have you ever changed in a train station bathroom?)
Nope! There are very few train stations where I live (actually, there is mostly only bus station!) and I just wear my clothes out of the house :)

(52) 双子ロリ、三つ子ロリしたことありますか? 感想は?(What do you think of 'twinning' and 'triplet' lolitas?)
I think it is cute! Especially if it is done in "opposites"

(53) 体型をキープ(もしくはダイエット)するためにどんなことをしていますか? お勧めは?(How do you keep in shape for lolita? Reccommend us something.)
I don't... I should though! Can anyone recommend to me??
I have a weakness for sweets, though recently I have started exercising more! There are many free workouts on this website and also workout plans. I am doing the 30 Day Makeover workout plan. I am not very good at following the schedule though... ^^;

(54) 独りでロリィタは平気ですか?(Do you keep calm when by yourself in Lolita?)
Yes. Why not?

(55) 月々にかかるお洋服・小物代はどれくらいですか?(How much do you spend per month on clothes/accessories?)
Not sure... I don't keep track! And it is sporadic anyway :) Mostly I make my own clothes!

(56) ロリィタファッションを知ってから、実際にするまでのタイムラグ・抵抗はありましたか?(Was there a time lag between you knowing about Lolita and dressing?)
Yes! It takes time to get a new wardrobe :)

(57) 今まで買った中で一番高い物は?(ロリィタ関係で)(What is your most expensive Lolita item?)
The BABY OPs I have probably (original price is JPY29,000)... unless you mean the most expensive I actually paid, not its worth, then the ribbon lace-up ring cost most (USD115)!

(58) ロリィタって本当にお金かかりますよね。ロリィタ費用をどうやって捻出していますか?(It takes a lot of money to do Lolita. How do you save?)
I save up a lot and don't spend on small things, and then buy one big lolita purchase a year :) I portion out my paychecks so a percentage is for savings (for school and other necessities) and a smaller percentage is in checking for spending (for going out, conventions, meetups, etc.)

(59) ココだけでコッソリ。今までかけた総費用は大体いくら?(Just a little secret here...How much have you spent so far on Lolita, roughly?)
It is hard to know the actual fabric costs of the clothes I have made, but for Brand clothes I have spent around $330 (two lucky packs, one skirt, and one ring). The clothes I made all together are probably around $200?

(60) 近くに出来て欲しいお店はありますか?(Is there a Brand you want near where you live?)
There are no Brands anywhere near here! I would love to have BABY the STARS SHINE BRIGHT store here though... that is my favorite Brand! Though there seems to be a lot of seamstress and designers here in MN... myself included! I hope to be able to become an indie brand!

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