Thursday, May 27, 2010

NakamaCon, Furries, and Sewing

Hm, I probably should have told about this a while ago, but I am going to NakamaCon! And am in the process of making THREE new outfits v_v; What a time crunch... I am rooming with a fellow lolita by the name of KAY! We are leaving on the 28th :)

NakamaCon is in its first year, but I expect that it will be a good one because the man who is running it has done MANY cons before. Apparently he has done so many that the venue he rents for his cons gives massive discounts, and the pre-reg price for the 5 day con (yes, NakamaCon is five whole days long!) was $30. Seriously.

There is also a steampunk Alice in Wonderland tea party on the 29th which only cost $8 pre-reg! Awesome

We are skipping the first day because apparently the first day or two is focusing on the furry fandom. I like furries (life-size stuffed animals, anyone?) but I am not really interested in their programming at all.... I have no plans to ever build a fursuit, draw furry fanart, or anything of the sort :D

Speaking of furries, there is apparently a lot of unfounded hate for the fandom.
I have no idea why, but I know of quite a few people who hate everything and anything that has to do with furries. Oftentimes, if the subject of furries come up, people will make fun of them, say "yiff" a lot ("yiff" is apparently furry-speak for "sex" or so I am told), and generally denounce all furries as bestiality-loving perverts. Which, of course, is not true. It is also fairly hypocritical when I hear lolitas say these things. Especially considering the fact that we take offense in people assuming that all lolitas are pedo-bait or sex objects because quite obviously, we are not. So why is it ok to hate on another misunderstood subculture?


Lolitas, cosplayers, furries, etc. We are all "weirdos" in the eyes of mainstream society. Why bother breeding more hate for each other? Live and let live, love and be happy!

Just some food for thought ;)


I have been thinking that I would like to make some tutorials on sewing. I sew a lot, I went to school for sewing, and I like to sew. Therefore, it seems logical that I should share the knowledge I have! What types of tutorials would you be interested in seeing? I am thinking of starting with something small, like headbows, or a simple skirt.

Before I went to school, I learned everything I could from trial and error, and the internet. There are many, many good tutorials out there to learn from, and I would like to add to the pool! Real artists share their knowledge with as many people as possible in order to advance Art as a whole. There is no such thing as a trade secret :)

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