Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nail Art~Quick Post!

How was your Mother's Day? Did you remember to do something sweet for your mommy?
I offered to give my mom a manicure, but she did not want one =__= She is always complaining that her hands are ugly and I wanted to brighten them up with a manicure!

Well, since she did not want a manicure I gave myself a simple to do one! It is easy do dress up your nails with nail stickers and jewels. It might take some time to get used to having gems on your nails, but if you practice it you will learn how to not break them off!

Nails compliment an outfit nicely; or they can be a statement all by themselves! Here is a photo line of the nails I did


I did a simple pearlized French Manicure freehand, added a few floral stickers (bought on sale for NT$19!!), a single pink crystal, and a line of pink mini pearls. The base nail color is a pearly pink color (very old). Then I did the white in a pearly white color. It takes some practice to do a nice clean white line. Start on one edge and draw to the middle, then start from the other edge and draw to the middle, overlapping your first line. This way I find is easier to get a smooth line all the way across your nail tip!

Also be sure to paint the free edge of your nail! This is the very front "tip" of your nail. Not only will this help your manicure to last longer because the enamel wraps around to the underside of the nail, but it is also good for false nails to help them appear more realistic!

Nail stickers are a quick and simple way to make your nails fancy. Just stick them on over polish, add a coat of clear polish, and you are good to go!

If you would like to get a little more bling bling effect, nail crystals take only a little bit more time to get a lovely sparkle effect. Apply a drop of clear polish where you will be placing the crystal. Pick up the crystal with a dotting tool, toothpick, or tweezers (I wet the tip of a dotting tool to pick it up)and stick it on the drop! Then seal it with a coat or two of clear polish and you are finished!

For the small colored pearls I applied on the fourth finger of my left hand, I arranged those on the edge of my nail while the polish was still wet. Then I put a few drops of clear polish over them to set their position first, and then painted a final top coat. If you try to paint a top coat straight away, the tiny pearls will lose their position because their point of connection is too small to hold themselves in place! Dropping a bit of clear polish on top first forms sort of a coat and base around them, allowing you to paint over them without worry.

I hope that this can help somebody do some nail art! Well, it is 2:35AM here and I need some sleep!

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