Saturday, May 28, 2011

Glass Slippers Are So Last Century

As summer approaches, Lolitas everywhere are starting to shed their cardigans and boleros in favor of chiffon blouses under thinner cotton jumperskirts, or no blouse at all! It's time to break out the parasols, straw hats, and sandals~

While some Lolitas may still insist it is improper to go blouse-less or sockless, I personally feel that avoiding heatstroke is the most important thing, especially if you live in a particularly hot or humid place.

Knee-socks are something I almost never go without, simply because my legs don't get too hot easily, and I don't have any Lolita sandals ;) Short ankle socks are a cute alternative to knee-highs if you prefer, but what I want to talk about is the new trend this summer: Glass Socks

Image from Romantic Sweet

OK, they're not REALLY glass, but that is the direct translation of "玻璃襪" which is what they are called in Chinese. The point of these socks is that they are virtually clear with some sort of pattern on top. The look and feel very summery and cool (temperature-wise). I've seen them everywhere for sale, from market stalls to department stores. The average price seems to be NT$99/pair, but they are cheaper on!

The point of glass socks is their versatility. They look nice with sandals (socks with sandals? Oh my!) because they are sheer, and can be layered without looking too thick. Being that they're see-through, you can wear a solid-colored pair of thin socks underneath for a different look, or over colored tights. Even BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT has jumped on the glass socks trend.

Glass socks come in many different styles, with the most popular being polka-dotted ankle socks. I have also seen roses, faux lace-up (ballerina style), lace, and stripes.

This example by BABY is an ankle-length with small dots and lace topper.
Available in many colors!

What I love the most, however, is knee-high glass socks! They are much harder to find, but I think they would be a lovely addition to any Lolita's wardrobe! A cooler version of knee-high socks perfect for summer.

These are by BABY!

If you are interested in purchasing some, you can try to get a group order for TaoBao socks :)
Here are some links that may be of interest:
Polka Dot Glass Socks 8.2-8.5RMB
Lace Stripe Glass Socks
Floral Glass Socks
Glass Socks with only design around the ankle
Classical Lolita Floral Glass Socks in more muted shades
Ribbon Lace Up Glass Socks

I hope to see more Lolita brands jump on the glass socks trend! I want to see more knee-high versions!!