Friday, May 27, 2011

Pose! Full Body Photos~False Step

I almost forgot about the posing series I was doing! I decided to break up the numerical order by sticking some full body poses in between :) Since you are going to be wanting to show your whole outfit, having something to do with your legs in important too! Combine with any hand poses to add variety to your photos~

The first pose I'm going to introduce is what I call the False Step. It looks sort of like you're walking, except not :P

Click to make the photo larger

This one is very simple. Just take a step forward from your normal standing position and freeze!

Here is a side-angle photo, which also looks great!

Some tips to keep in mind:
*Don't let your legs be too far apart! Try to keep your knees together so you are stepping straight forward. Having a gap between your legs will look a bit awkward
*Keep your step small! Remember, you're just posing, not trying to catch the last train ;D

This pose works in virtually any style, but does give a slight feeling of coy. It might look a bit out of place in a very regal and elegant outfit like Aristocratic style. For most other styles though, it is cute and a bit "street snap" feeling, which I really like!