Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Perfect Beauty

Fashion is more than just the clothes. It's the whole look; hair, accessories, jewelry, and makeup. Everybody has their "ideal look" that they strive to achieve when putting on the layers of ruffles and lace. There's a "perfect me" image in our heads that we try to create on ourselves with perfect hair, balanced features, flawless skin, elegant poise, or whatever it is you want!


However, this "perfect me" image is not always attainable without the help of falsies such as false lashes, nails, wigs, and makeup. Gone are the days of rubbing olive oil into lashes and nails to help them grow, or of hours spent on perfect curls and teasing. We can slap on false everything, contour and highlight our faces with makeup, and be good to go in a fraction of the time!


Even with all these wonderful new additions to our arsenal of beauty, there's only so much you can change about your appearance with makeup. Photoshop may help your online presence, but in real life, there's no such magic!


In the quest for my own ideal image of myself, I have come across a rather controversial grey area of what is going too far to achieve your personal perfection. Namely, what qualifies as cosmetic surgery, and what qualifies as just skin-care?

Image from Fallen Princesses

In Asia, getting cosmetic surgery is a lot more common than in the West. However, when I say "cosmetic surgery" I'm not talking about your usual boob jobs, face lifts, liposuction, etc. There are MANY cosmetic surgery places here, about as common as a regular clinic in MN. Most of them do procedures such as freckle/age spot lightening, acne reduction, skin-firming, wrinkle laser treatments, etc. Such minor procedures are considered "skin care," much like buying anti-wrinkle cream or acne cleanser foam.

As such, my line between cosmetic surgery, re-constructive surgery, and skin care has become blurred

Currently, this is where I stand (I think) and would love to hear others' input about this!

Re-Constructive Surgery
This is usually the "necessary" surgeries to correct medical conditions, dis-figurations from accidents, and other health-related issues (breast reduction, etc.)
One would never say that anybody getting re-constructive surgery is being plastic or superficial.

Cosmetic Surgery
Plainly altering your born appearance would fall into this category.
Chin implants, cheek implants, breast implants, nose job, Botox lips, etc.
This is generally the type of procedure than people say is shallow, caused by the media, and fake. I am not interested in doing anything of this sort :P

Another part of this category is tattooed makeup. Many Asian women get their eyebrows and/or eyeliner tattooed on. You can save time on applying makeup now!
While it doesn't change your appearance any more than actually applying makeup, it is still a cosmetic procedure. Readers, how do you feel about this? What about eyelash implants? Are they any different than wearing falsies?

Skin Care/Maintenance Sort of Surgery
This is the grayest category for me. I personally want to get my freckles lightened/removed. I wasn't born with them, and they don't fade in the winter like most people's do. It requires a laser treatment, which I am seriously contemplating. I used to like my freckles but they just keep growing and growing and having too many looks sort of gross to me
One would think that the most popular candidates for skin care treatments are usually aging/middle-aged people who would like to get their skin tightened or wrinkles reduced. When I went with my mom to one of the cosmetic treatment places here, there were many many young people (think in their 20s) there too. Guys and girls alike.

Skin care is important to maintain a youthful, healthy appearance (flip through any GLB and you will see that all the models look quite young!) which is perhaps more important in Lolita fashion than others because the Lolita style encompasses youth, childhood, and innocence. Even Classic Lolita is still young-looking, though perhaps not quite as childish.

Readers, where do you draw the line for achieving your personal "perfect me" or "perfect Lolita"? Assuming money is no question, would you ever opt for skin care treatments, cosmetic surgery, or just invest in pricier creams and serums? Let me know in the comments below! This is a really intriguing topic for me!