Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meetup Report! Mini Garden

I have been sick for the past three days (way to spend Mother's Day! All passed out and feverish!) and spent a lot of time sleeping, eating ice cream, and floating around like a ghost.

Today I finally felt well enough to get up at a decent hour and actually be able to swallow food.I was extra excited to get dolled up and go out to eat with 2 other Lolitas! I think you will all really like the type of food we got today

I haven't been to a meetup since March because I had class during the April meetup. So Doro喵 invited me out to a cafe close to my house and NiYa was able to make it too!

All of us got "Honey Toast," which is a popular type of dessert made of toast, ice cream, honey, and toppings. At the original cafes where it was invented, you often have to wait 4 hours or more to get one!! Luckily, here we did not have to wait at all and stayed in our booth for about 3 and a half hours just chatting :P

This is my fruit topping honey toast. It has ice cream, apple, grapes, whip, wafers, mint, and banana! It was drizzled with strawberry sauce and sweetened condensed milk. NiYa got this too, but hers was drizzled with chocolate.

This is DORO喵's Chocolate honey toast!

Yes, they were incredibly sweet and none of us managed to finish our despite the long walk we took from our meeting point to the cafe. This dessert is actually quite filling and should be split between 2-3 people! I saw tutorials on how to make this too, so I hope to try it one day!

We were joking about how it was too sweet and decided we are going to invent our own version, but savory instead of sweet with cheese, tomatoes, meat/fish, basil, etc. I actually want to try it because I think it would be good!!

There was also a little car inside the cafe so we took photos by it! You could actually order and eat inside the car!

NiYa and I being car models:

Doro喵 and I being car models!

Mini-meets are really fun because you get a chance to talk to everybody and everybody gets a chance to talk! Sometimes I feel that when a group is too large, we just break up into smaller conversations and ignore the other members. Large meets are fun for getting to know new people, but smaller meets seem to be more fun and casual :) Also, easier to plan!!

Which type of meetup do you prefer?