Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Week of School Style~

First week of school is over! How has school been going for everybody?
I wanted to share my outfits from this first week~ No photo for Monday, though!

Monday: English and Dance
Yes, I am taking an English class. The school wouldn't let me test out of it, so easy A for boosting my GPA~

Tuesday: Printed Fabric Design
2012 09 11
Blouse, Socks: offbrand
Skirt, Hair Ribbons: handmade by me
Petti: Classical Puppets
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

Wednesday: Chinese Clothing Construction
2012 09 12 01
I love these bone tights! Unfortunately, they ripped and got runs... so I may save them for them for Halloween and then trash them.
2012 09 12 02
I had to change out my tights so I wore my stomping boots

Thursday: Family Science
2012 09 13
Blouse: offbrand
JSK, Wrist Stoppers, Hair Ribbons: handmade by me
Petti: Classical Puppets
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

Friday: Fashion Design (my teacher turned out to be out of the country so we just went home!)
Check out my necklace! This picture is supersaturated ^^;
JSK, Headband: handmade by me
Blouse, Socks: offbrand
Petti: Classical Puppets
Necklace: I got the charm from Coldstone and made it a necklace
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

Saturday: Fabric Dyes; Accessory Design; Jewelry Design
My two design classes were cancelled =_=;
I just got this fluffy skirt as a part of a group order! I think it's so cute!

Thanks for looking! How have your school days been? Do you wear Lolita to school? Or is it not OK for your school to wear anything not mainstream/school uniform? Feel free to share photos! I'm trying to incorporate more Rock style into my daily wardrobe~