Monday, September 3, 2012

Unleash Your Fury!

It is funny how something as simple as cell phone apps can become trends. I have been taken by the Angry Birds phenomenon! I had never even played the game before I began collecting points to exchange for Angry Birds goods at 7-11. The character designs are so cute! There are plushies, T-shirts, bags, wallets, stationery goods, etc. with Angry Birds all over Taiwan.

Unfortunately, when I finally got a smartphone, I got one that runs Windows, so there is no free version of Angry Birds. I downloaded the "trial" version and discovered that I am really very bad at this game :( It doesn't stop me from loving it!!

Check out the pens, mug, bowls, and document file I have! Plus an "out of Lolita" outfit shot where I am sort-of twinning with my sister :)

Green Bird!

I got the pig pen from my co-worker :) I actually traded twice for the pens, but got the Yellow Bird and White Bird. I lost the Yellow Bird already (I think it ran away because I made fun of its triangular head)

This is why 7-11 gets me to part with my money.

Then I swapped for a mug this time around:

And also got a Small Small Pig bowl!!!
Originally I got the Yellow Bird and Black Bird but the store clerk let me swap out for the display bowl ♥♥♥

Do you like Angry Birds? Who is your favorite character? Least favorite?
My favorite character is the Small Small Pig (that's a direct translation - I'm sure it's called Little Pig or Green Pig or something). My LEAST favorite character is Moustache Pig! I just don't like his look!

And have a picture of my sister and I
I bought the tights in a taobao group order! I bought bones for me and blood vessels for my sister :) My sister bought the shirts for us. They say I AM NOT SAD ANYMORE which is a nice message to have~

OK, so I know this post has nothing to do with Lolita, but I like to see what other Lolitas do outside of be fancy and do fancy things ;)