Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guide for New Lolitas: LO娘新人志 —少女笔记本—

On the mainland China forums there has been an online "notebook" guide. It is all in Chinese, but there are a few pages that may be of interest, namely TaoBao shops with the styles they cater to. The artwork is quite beautiful, too!
The clickable links and descriptions can all be translated in Google Chrome.
There is also some handy tips and information about petticoats and materials, how to remove various stains, etc.

This is one of the pages of tips on removing various stains

Petticoat shapes - A-line, Bell, Circle/Round

Tips and warnings about shopping online

Socks vs. Gravity!
Tips and reasons for socks falling down!

I think this is super cute and very handy! Ever since the English Gothic and Lolita Bible has been out of print, there hasn't really been a cohesive guide or publication for Lolitas who don't read Japanese. I would love to see something like this in English. I know there were a few attempts at online magazines, but nothing ever really became a huge success.

Though printed magazines may go out of date, I still prefer them to online versions. There is simply something comforting about a real, touchable mook. Plus, it's fun to go through old Bibles and see how Brands and styles have changed!

Do you like printed mooks like KERA, the Gothic and Lolita Bible, etc.? Why or why not? Would you like to see another attempt at an English Gothic and Lolita Bible-type mook?