Friday, June 7, 2013

Organizing and Room Decor

I've recently been making more organization and decor in my room. The first bit started with a bit of insomnia. I don't like the look of my pills case, and, in a random fit of creativity, decided to deco it.
Deco Drugs photo decodrug_zpsd70818c0.jpg

I did not plan it out and simply glued random gems on and then a ribbon around the base. I don't like to have the entire thing covered in rhinestones, but if you have daily vitamins or medication to take, this is a cute way to brighten it up!

A day or so later, I got out some empty glass food jars and decided to use them to store brushes and vitamins. The lids weren't very pretty, so I colored them like so:
 photo CIMG5385_zps43e2beba.jpg photo CIMG5387_zps91eb3a7f.jpg photo CIMG5388_zps4c26be86.jpg
I used a base of white paint to make the nail polish colors brighter.

While I had all my craft material out, I decided to organize my deco tape so they would be easier to get to. I rolled up a piece of thick paper (it was a file envelope), hot glued ribbon around it, and then hung it up on the wall. I'm not allowed to stick hooks on the wall (not even 3M command hooks because they still leave a mark!) so this is the only hook in my whole room! It was left by the previous tenant :)
 photo 2013-06-04220320_zps0acb2ee3.jpg
The foam tape is really unruly, but this way is easier to see the deco tape I need!

I also went on a shopping spree and got new hangers and a shower curtain rod (the extending type) so I could create a new space to hang up my clothing. It's right over my bed area and is supported with two hooks in the middle section to help hold up the weight of the clothing.
 photo uPNW-2M71EaHGv1d1s1KvjbTxjw_zps9c5fb9cc.jpg

This has freed up so much space in my closet so I can finally put my books in the upper shelf levels!! I've lived here for nine months and finally unpacked the last box, haha!

This was the outfit I wore for my shopping at the department store:
 photo uPNW-w42vWeHbaykEskFqnwOMU_zps4fa693d1.jpg