Tuesday, June 25, 2013



OK now that I got that out of my system, I would like to share some wardrobe updates I've made out of old clothing I would have thrown away or donated. I had been planning a big shopping spree for new summer clothing, but if I can use old clothes to make clothes then I can save more money for luckypacks or the next Lolita group order (we seriously have way too many group orders in Taiwan... it's so addicting!!)
 photo WP_000974_zpsbbddcbc9.jpg

I bought this long t-shirt a couple years ago because I love that bunny print and the fuzzy fur tail. I saved only the front piece and replaced the back with leftover fabric from a school assignment, added black binding, a ribbon rose and bow from a school assignment, and trimmed it with lace leftover from the Lolita Runway Challenge from last year.
 photo WP_000973_zps3bed3f2f.jpg photo WP_000975_zps89f0e17c.jpg photo WP_000976_zpscfa1f656.jpg
 photo WP_000970_zps291e41e6.jpg

My mom got some One Piece t-shirts and gave me one. It was an oversized t-shirt and I'm not a follower of the One Piece series (I only like Chopper because he's cute!) so I combined it with an old tank top and old bra to make a dress. This was also the first time I tried adding a bra to clothing, so there is definitely room for improvement~
 photo WP_000963_zps66f6f193.jpg photo WP_000965_zps31fbec46.jpg
 photo WP_000964_zpsbafef109.jpg

My first shoe reconstruction, which didn't turn out very well!! I covered flats I was going to toss with leftover fabric from school projects. I don't know how well these will last because I've only worn them once, but it was fun!
 photo WP_000981_zps0ebde05e.jpg

Something nice that you can do with t-shirt scraps leftover from reconstruction is to wrap cheap plastic hangers with them to help prevent your clothes from sliding off! This way, you can buy the cheaper hangers and then customize them with different colored fabrics. This is a good way to upcycle and save money:
 photo WP_000971_zps35f6d4c8.jpg

Lastly I cut up a maxi dress from a couple years ago into a skirt and a crop top. I have never worn a crop top before but they seem to be really in style this year! I just hope I will have the confidence to actually try to wear it out....
 photo WP_000983_zpsb3ab1a64.jpg

Before (clickable):
 photo WP_000982_zps1905aa39.jpg

After (clickable):
 photo WP_000984_zps7f0bef7f.jpg photo WP_000985_zps146be803.jpg