Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dessert Coord

Taiwan is a very food-abundant country, and desserts are definitely a big part! I chose two of the most famous Taiwanese desserts for this week's Lolita Blog Carnival. The number one dessert is probably pineapple cakes:  photo _MG_0468_zps7bf5d3ed.jpg I have made about a thousand of these before (literally a thousand. We were experimenting with different recipes...) but I actually don't like to eat these very much (sh!) Another famous dessert is mango shaved ice. Shaved ice in and of itself is very popular dessert, but mango is probably the most famous and popular topping. The colors of both these desserts are similar so I made one coord for them.  photo i2148170_zps68b13031.jpg
Mango Ice/Pineapple Cake

I'm not sure if the black shoes really work with this coordinate. There is usually brown sugar syrup added with shaved ice, but perhaps orange shoes would work, too. It was really different to design something with white and orange, since orange is such a rare color to see in Lolita fashion. I didn't want to do orange and yellow because I thought that might end up looking too citrus. How do you like this color combination? What is your favorite dessert food? I think my favorite dessert food is actually currently 綿綿冰(mian mian bing), which is literally "cottony" or "fluffy" ice, which is ice cream that is sort of a medium between ice cream and soft serve. Ice cream is definitely my food I can never give up!

 photo 545430_945698161629_573562109_n.jpg

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