Monday, June 10, 2013

THE WHO Crafting Meetup!

It has been so long since I've been to a Lolita meetup!!! First of all, here is my outfit:
 photo DSC07550_zpsd33e14e1.jpg
Outfit Rundown:
JSK, bloomers: handmade by me
Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Shoes: AN*TAI*NA
Everything Else: offbrand

This meetup was a crafting meetup at THE WHO cafe. It was really nice because we booked the whole space so where were no outsiders to take secret photos of us! It was very relaxing and we all brought the supplies we had to exchange/buy/sell and make items.

 photo CIMG5419_zps64bb35eb.jpg
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I ended up making several rings, a pin, two clips, and a headdress:
 photo DSC07727_zps9f260537.jpg

PiGi had brought colored glue sticks so we used a chocolate one. AKI made like 30 rings! I only used it to outline LOVE on a cookie that I made into a clip and as a drizzle on a macaron, but it is SO much more difficult to use than regular hot glue! It is much runnier, so if you use it I would suggest that you have everything you want to drizzle set up already. If you leave the glue gun on, the "sauce" will keep dripping out and we ended up wasting quite a bit!
 photo CIMG5444_zpsaf7a1d73.jpg
It also comes out more "gloopy" when you squeeze the trigger, so squeeze very gently!
If you need to change colors I'd definitely suggest putting a clear stick in between to sort of "clean" the glue gun and prevent the colors from mixing.

Here is some of the stuff I brought:
 photo CIMG5440_zps72982690.jpg

The cafe owners were incredibly nice! The food was very tasty and looked very cute.
Handmade cookies:
 photo CIMG5435_zps0d5baa32.jpg

My chocolate cheesecake:
 photo CIMG5430_zps716da4a4.jpg

My Rose Au Lait:
 photo CIMG5420_zps88f6b428.jpg
The bird is a craft material that PiGi brought!

There are a lot of pictures, so I'll post the thumbnail links which are clickable to see the larger images:
 photo CIMG5397_zpsa82a931f.jpg

Lolitas and crafts:
 photo DSC07746_zpsd8b6ead6.jpg photo DSC07745_zps4ef75687.jpg photo DSC07741_zpsa6914b91.jpg
 photo DSC07738_zps287e71d5.jpg photo DSC07736_zps100e858c.jpg photo DSC07732_zpsdb0ffcef.jpg
 photo DSC07723_zps78bf4635.jpg photo DSC07720_zpsb7150945.jpg photo DSC07712_zps3a5640f9.jpg

Group photo with the owners in back!
 photo 8986182303_b0ff04acee_b_zps51f01133.jpg