Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Hallow's Eve Closes Its Door Once More

I wish I could start off with some happier news, but for me, sadly, The ending of the season brought the ending of a life. My grandfather passed away as the day turned from October 31 to November 1.

My family came together (those of us in Taiwan and Mainland China, and my dad from America to see his passing. I got there too late for a last look, but was able to burn incense and bow to Buddha and my grandpa. The funeral is next week, so I will not be updating much. Both my sisters are coming to Taiwan, I Think!!

 photo samhain_zpsb1d4fc8c.jpg
We used to have Halloween together, wearing handmade costumes that got passed down the line. I don't remember much about childehood, and I don't remember what candy we got or whose house was scariest, but I know we did it!!

After these years, I supposed we have all grown up
 photo Samhain_zps2e6edcda.jpg
Like that? Do we look like that now??

I haven't been in the same place with both my sisters for quite some time now. IT's odd how growing u you cannot wait to have your siblings vanish, but when you move out, their presence seems like a fresh breath of memories. At least until they overstay their welcome and remember why you wanted them to leave in the first place.

So, what did I do for Halloween this year? I had a photoshoot for my assignment due the next day!
Halloween 2013 photo P1060587_zpsce652eb7.jpg
Halloween 2013 photo P1060611_zps8a264f39.jpgHalloween 2013 photo Up_zps8f8966a7.jpg

Can you guess what it is? Albeit, it's more of a fashion interpretation than a full-out costume, but it's still good!!! I'll post the answer tomorrow :)

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Reactions? Loot? Let me know!
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