Monday, November 25, 2013

Pink Bouquet Makeup

Oh wow has it really been that long since I last posted? I've almost got the next EGLB sewing tutorial ready, but in the meantime I decided to try following some of the other tutorials in the Gothic and Lolita Bible. I tried the first makeup tutorial in the second volume, which was flower themed and showed three "Flow Bouquet Makeup" looks. The first is the Pink Bouquet modeled by Misako Aoki:
 photo EGLB2FloraPage_zpse198b495.jpg

I didn't style my clothing or hair at all - only focused on the face to see what the makeup would look like. And here is my version:

 photo EGLB2Flora01_zps92849989.jpg

I took some photos in various lighting:
 photo EGLB2Flora02_zpsb05e60e4.jpg
 photo EGLB2Flora04_zpsd3451da8.jpg
 photo EGLB2Flora05_zpsee9a4f09.jpg
 photo EGLB2Flora08_zpsd19acb78.jpg

And one more if Misako:
 photo EGLB2FloraUp_zps3dadbf54.jpg

I think the look was rather pretty and sweet, though the step about highlighting the bridge of the nose I think could be edited to include some shading on the side. It may not be as necessary for people who have a more defined bridge of the nose, but for most Asian features, the bridge is much flatter and only highlighting without then doing some light shading to create more contrast will only make the nose even less defined.