Friday, June 26, 2015

Everyday Kawaii~ TsumTsum Time!

Previously I've blogged about how convenience stores in Taiwan all offer point systems (we have the highest density of convenience stores!) and each round they collaborate with different companies for gifts to exchange.  Normally I shop at 7-11, but this round FamilyMart has collaborated with LINE TsumTsum!

Taiwan really has an awesome cute-collection culture ^_~

This crazy popular mobile game by LINE Naver Japan makes every character so adorable!  They regularly put out little videos on facebook as well.  I'm super excited and want to collect so many!  Even characters I normally find ugly, such as Disney Cheshire Cat, become kawaii in TsumTsum.

Every NT$69 earns one point and you can exchange 3 points + NT$89 or 60 points for one "egg."  The shell is a coin bank and inside is either a clip, a magnet character, or paper tape.  They are coordinated so the shell matches the contents!  You can see all the combinations on the webpage here!  Even if you are not going to be in Taiwan during the event, the webpage is adorable and has interactive tsums you can toss around using your cursor.

The event has only just begun, and I found out through some other Lolitas, since we all share super cute things with each other.  Lolita life \m/(-_-)