Monday, June 22, 2015

Gaming Lolita?

Show of hands: how many of you love to play video games or played pixelated games as a child? *raise and wave both hands*

Recently my boyfriend Ano is creating a game story and we are designing characters together.  For a large department store (新光三越/Shinkong Mitsukoshi in 信義/Xinyi district) project, he got two of the characters made in voxel (3D pixels) in fiberglass and today we went to take photos!

Though one of the characters is based on me in a Lolita dress, he actually changed my hair and eyes color so it doesn't look like me at all...
Anyway, today I wore a dress similar to the one in the pixel drawing, which will be revealed at a later date ;)

First up is Roast Pig, a fat guinea pig that I helped to design:
 Turns out my boyfriend doesn't know much about guinea pigs, but finds them adorable!  I miss my own guinea pig terribly much.  He passed years ago.

Next is GM, the protagonist of the story.  Can you guess who he is based on?

 Here's a hint:
Haha GM is Ano himself, in exaggerated form!  Today he cosplayed himself!  I shortened his jean jacket for him this morning and dyed his hair last week.

I have a fondness for pixel art, though I'm not good at it.  On my mobile I downloaded the dotpict application, which is a pixel art program.  It's quite simple, but the palettes are limited!

What is your favorite non-Lolita past time?