Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sparkle Stitches~ wrist stops

I've previously done a tutorial on wrist stops but here is a different one. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and don't have internet so this is a mobile post 

First is materials. You need lace and elastic. I got an elastic with lace edging to add frills to the finished project. Cut the elastic to your wrist measure!

Place the lace and elastic right sides together, lining up the raw edge or the lace with the plain edge of the elastic.   Stretch the elastic as you stitch.  Stitch along the dotted line.

Next, flip up the elastic so you are looking at the right sides. Stitch along the dotted line, remember to stretch the elastic as you stitch!

Now to make your gathered lace band into a circle, place WRONG SIDES TOGETHER and stitch the opening shut as shown.

Trim the seam allowance as needed if it's too wide. Two millimeters should be fine.

Then turn the cuff inside out and stitch the short side again.   This will encase the raw edges inside, creating a French seam.

Turn right side out and you will see you perfect closure.

 Add any decoration you'd like to the front.

Repeat and you're done!!