Monday, June 29, 2015

Afternoon Tea with Friends

Not specifically a Lolita meet up, but we all ended up wearing Lolita anyway!

Gomaji is a great way to find cheaper group options, much like Groupon. Doro purchased several coupons for a fancy afternoon tea place and we all met up to be fancy and eat fancy!

There was no theme this time so my point of fashion was bunny tea time!
The food was surprisingly filling

After a relaxing afternoon of chatting and eating and gossip (erm, and group order for socks because every meet up ends up having one or more impulse group order...) We took group photos

It was a great way for me to recharge!  I feel more motivation to sew some new clothes as well. I've been cleaning the house bit by bit and ANO will help me make a work room. I also want to borrow his camera for starting to make tutorials again!

Any requests for tutorials you would like to see?  Check my Sparklewolfie Stitches page for past tutorials if you haven't already!