Saturday, August 8, 2015

Typhoon Soudelor

If you haven't heard the news, we are currently in the middle of a very serious typhoon, Typhoon Soudelor.  While many places have flooded and several of my friends are without power or had their windows ripped out, I am currently still lucky to have power and only minor leaking (I am staying with my mom in her 9th floor apartment.)  I witnessed the roof ripped off the home across the street from us, though!

Trees are being completely torn apart and thrown about and some people have drowned.  The typhoon is hopefully leaving tonight/tomorrow morning!  This is the most serious typhoon I've experienced in the five plus years I've been living here!  There has been at least one landslide as well.

This reminds me of tornado season back in Minnesota, but with rain as well -_-;

Hopefully nobody else dies, and the typhoon leaves tonight.  My boyfriend's flight back to Taiwan from Tianjing, China, is tomorrow... I hope our apartment is faring well.  And hopefully it is not leaking... my Wa-Lolita outfit at my mom's house had to be binned because the water caused the print to run *silently weeping*

There is actually a KERA magazine event happening from 8/6-8/9 here, but I did not go.  Several Lolita friends who did go to meet the models (Midori and I believe Kimura U?) braved the storms in full-on Lolita wear!  The metro is still a relatively safe method of transport, and the event is luckily held very close to a metro station.

Stay safe, everybody! (look at the pixel ribbons and heart I did)