Friday, August 21, 2015

BTSSB Original Print Skirt Happy Pack

Late last night I got my Happy Pack!  I haven't ordered a lucky pack since BABY first offered them overseas back in 2008 (old Lolita is old -_-;;) and this was quite the impulse purchase!  I originally tried to order the JSK pack, but it sold out right away!

To be honest, this pack is not as good as I had hoped, but I'd like to share the contents anyway!

First up is the headbow! It's a fairly generic style, quite classic and should pair easily with many items.
Nice headbow, looks like Alice and the Pirates
I also got this absolutely DARLING wallet!!  As much as I adore it, I've already got a very functional wallet I made (tutorial here) so I will sell/trade/give it away.  It's no longer on the Japanese site, but I found it for USD$70 on the New York site
Heart Heart Scallop Long Wallet

 I put everything together on Caroline, my dressform :)  The hoodie has adorable bear ears on it!  I quite like it.  It'll be several months before it is cool enough to actually wear out though!
The knit stripe long top is Alice and the Pirates.  It's got extra long sleeves and a boat neck and will do nicely for punk and daily styles ^_^v

Touch of Gold
  Finally is the focus piece, the skirt, which I originally did not love.  I don't like prints with rooms/furniture, but the color is really beautiful and the material is special.  It may be nice to break away from my normal style to do a Classic Lolita with this skirt, but I'm currently offering it on my facebook for US$90 (no longer on Japanese site, and offer on New York site is around $140)
The material is a super silky, flowing fabric that has great hand and moves well.  Maybe it will grow on me?
Recipe for Endless Dreams
Have you ever bought a lucky pack before?  Did you like what you got?