Monday, August 10, 2015

Taipei Metro Mall Intro!

If you ever find yourself in the Taipei area, where should you go for some fun?  If you are into Japanese anime goods, games, and other geek or otaku related items, the Y section of Taipei City Mall is a good place to start!
I like to call the Y section the "otaku" section of the mall because it's where all the Japanese-imported figures, character goods, prints, etc. are located!  Plus, it is ultra easy to find.  Simply take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT, the metro) to Taipei Main Station  and follow the signs. (You can also go to Beimen/北門 station, which starts at the other end of the mall)
Backgrounds for taking photos?
 Y section is a bit further away from the central Main Station where you first exit the metro, so follow signs leading to M2 first!  Then as you approach Q Square the signs will begin to label the Y section separately.  (If you went the Beimen route, there are directly signs for Y section)
 The mascots for Taipei City Mall, DNAxCAT, decorate the walls all the way throughout.  Since this is the "otaku" section, they tend to be Japanese-themed pictures.  They're adorable, and you can buy their character goods!
Welcome to Taipei City Mall!
 So this post is actually just a compilation of the DNAxCAT pictures since photography is forbidden inside the actual shops (sorry!)
This old man is resting in front of this fake food stand
 The otaku goods start to pop up around Y12 or so, with the food (and maid cafes and butler cafes!) at the very end.  At the end of the mall is also where events take place, such as yukata or cosplay events!
Sadly, cannot go inside... this was right outside Maiden Diner
 There is also a stage right at the beginning of the mall, at Y3.  Sometimes there are classic Chinese song performances by old folk.  Sometimes there are Japanese-theme performances to coincide with any events happening that day!

Do you know this depicted event?  Bonus points if you do!

We, too, can dance!

This picture is split by a door

 I enjoy the nerdy atmosphere and being able to browse through so many different types of plushies and figurines.  Be aware that many shops are "cubby shops" where each cubby is rented by a different person, so they set their own prices.  Shop around to see who has the best deal!

It says, "Welcome to Taipei City Mall"


If there are no events happening, you can often find high schoolers practicing hiphop dance at the end of the mall.  Large, open spaces are difficult to come by, so several metro stations with extra space have put up mirrors to allow these students to practice.

Announcing the yukata special display for the last half of August and event on the 15th and 16th

Cats can do dance as well!
 Usually I start from Y1 and go up the right side of the mall, which is essentially a long hallway split into halves, and then come back down the left side before getting back on the metro.  The end of the left side also has several Indonesian food and goods shops because there are many Indonesians in Taiwan as well.
I bought a couple Pokemon figurines on this day and took my cousin to Maiden Diner~

Does your city have an "otaku" region or shop(s)?  Share photos if you have them!!