Monday, June 20, 2016

Perfume and Pearls

It's been incredibly rainy here in Taipei -_-

I was running late and took a taxi.

No filter
But you have to brave the weather to get to a meetup!

 The theme for this meetup was "perfume bottles" and I sewed a dress that was perfect for the theme!  If you follow me on instagram you would have seen it already~

We met at a lovely little cafe called 好時光/Plus Belle Arts Bistro because we had a coupon for shared set meals.

Eggs Benedict (shared)
Teddy's pink wig that I made for her ^u^

The dessert is an iconic "honey toast" dessert, but the deconstructed version!  The original is actually a hollowed out loaf of bread you must cut yourself, but this version is much easier to eat ^_~
Neko and I ordered matcha flavor
Neko was the only one who ended up not wearing a perfume dress, which is too bad because she could have had triplet coords with Doro and Hako!

Doro, Hako
 Instead, she got to draw the next month's theme... which ended up being my suggestion from about two or three years ago, POKEMON!!  It's going to be a challenge but I have much more lax "rules" about adhering to the theme ^_~  Pokemon is a difficult one to pull off without looking like Cosplay for sure!
Still gorgeous in a Rabbit Alice print dress
 I didn't get a very good outfit shot, and hadn't had time to take one myself this morning as I was very late!

The print of my dress actually very closely resembled Amelie's Axes Femme dress!!  So we were "faux twins" today~

Me, Amelie
 We even coordinated similarly using pearls.  Classic perfume bottles just seem to go very well with pearls, don't you think?

 Though the cafe has a limit of 90 minutes for coupon users, they ended up not dismissing us at the end of our time, which is good because I had been an hour late to the meetup O_Q

Group Photo! 
 There was one other Lolita, Nara, who was present, but she preferred not to take photos so I won't post any of her.