Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Little Dipper Chiffon Lace Lolita Foundation Blouse Review

Blouses are a basic staple in any Lolita's wardrobe, but with the hot summer months fast approaching, sometimes it feels stifling to wear so many layers!

Chiffon blouses are definitely a hero to this situation in my opinion.  To be honest, it's been quite a long time since I've worn a cotton blouse, and they hang unloved in my closet.  Chiffon is just much easier to handle, especially as they don't wrinkle nearly as much!

I have a couple chiffon blouses in both short and long sleeve that I wear, but recently joined a group order for a different type of chiffon blouse - it's cropped to prevent too much bulk at the waistline due to blouse + petticoat (and sometimes + underskirt) + bloomers/shorts issue.

The blouses we ordered were Chiffon Lace Lolita Boat Neck Inner Foundation Blouse Short/Long Sleeve from Little Dipper.

Sizing posted on the shop:
小码:适合平时穿S\M\L 的姑娘穿着
短袖袖长25 cm
长袖袖长60 cm
Small: Suitable for S/M/L ladies
(Small, bust 70 cm-98 cm)
Large: Suitable for XL/XXL ladies
(Large, bust 99 cm-108 cm)
Short Sleeve Length 25 cm
Long Sleeve Length 60 cm

I am a size M/L so I ordered the Small and it is very comfortable.  The stretch is easy, not restricting.
Each blouse comes with a tag of the shop address, weibo, and QR code
The blouses look identical to the stock photos.  The lace is embroidered netting lace, the edges are finished with an overlock.
Sleeve lace


Inside view of the elastic
The ribbon on the center front is detachable so you can wear it elsewhere on your coordinate.  Note that they come unpinned in the package, so make sure you don't dump everything out in a hurry and end up losing it!
Detachable chiffon bow front and back

Stock photo of packaging
Each blouse comes in a large resealable bag.  This will come in handy for storage for putting away the long sleeves in summer or short sleeves in winter (assuming you got a bunch like I did, that is!)

My photo of packaging

The red is a deep burgundy/red wine color. It's darker than what I normally wear, but you can see it in a coordinate in a previous meetup post.

Stock photo
My photo 

The lavender blouse is a true pastel, and can be seen in a coordinate in this previous post.

The mind color is rather light, and also very pastel.

The black is just... black.
Stock Photo

My photo

Stock Photo

My Photo

On the dressform, it seems as though the blouse would reach all the way to the natural waist.  However, on me it sits several inches above my natural waistline!  I'm sure some people would enjoy wearing the blouses as a crop top in other styles, but I'm not sure it's suitable for me ^^;
For reference, my upper body (shoulder-neck point to waistline) is about 45cm.
In this photo, I am wearing the white skirt at my natural waistline.  You can see just how much of my torso is showing!  Though I believe I do have an abnormally long torso also...
There is also a longer version with a Peter Pan collar and placket for $138 (as of this post) available here.  It seems to be designed to also be work with a skirt, as the stock photos show it worn without anything over top, and can also be worn as an outer with the buttons opened.  Yes, I am indeed considering buying some of these as well ^u^

I hope some of you found this review helpful!  Any questions or comments can be left in the comments below and I'll be happy to respond.